Starting with microphotography

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Starting with microphotography

I am starting with a new hobby. Photomicrograph or microscopic photography.

Since when I was a child I always liked the topic of microscopy and biology, and some time ago, when I started with astrophotography, I was investigating a little on the subject of microscopy and macrophotography.

However, it wasn't until a month ago that I became interested in the subject again when a fellow astrophotographer, Raúl López, commented that he was starting in this hobby.

Having in account I will be the father of a small creature soon, I will not be able to leave home for much time for astrophoto sessions for a while. However, with the microphotography I would not have to leave home to continue exploring, but in this case I would explore the microcosm.

I began to look for information about initiation microscopes, but I didn't have enough knowledge in the field to be able to choose a decent microscope that I will not have to replace completely in the future. Most of the microscopes I found looked like toys and I wasn't sure they could be of sufficient quality to obtain decent images.

Days later I asked Raúl how was going with the microphotography, and his answer was that he got stoned with it, that he loved it, and he sent me a link to a video with which I was completely speechless.

The huge amount of things that could be seen through Raul's microscope was brutal. Seeing all those microorganisms, with that sharpness and image quality, was what convinced me. Here you can watch one of Raul's videos so you can get an idea of ​​what I am talking about.

Raúl told me that acquiring a microscope is almost like acquiring your first astrophotography equipment. There are a thousand things you can choose wrongly if you do not have the advice of someone who knows about the subject. So he put me in touch with Fernando.

Fernando began with astronomy many years ago and was a bit disappointed with the results he obtained and the investment needed to achieve decent results. However, he had always had microscopes and loved optics, so he ended up dedicating his efforts in the field of microscopy.

Some time ago he began with the sale of microscopy equipment and his advice in this case has been fundamental so I can assure this first equipment that I have acquired will not have to be changed completely in a few months and it will not be enough to apply the most common techniques.

After talking with Fernando for a while, I explained what I thought was most important in my case:

  • Good image quality
  • Oriented to microphotography
  • Greatest possible versatility
  • Could be expanded in the future

So after explaining me the multiple options and commenting on what the microscope components were for, Fernando recommended me the Aquiles II microscope: a mid-range microscope model assembled with features that would allow you to obtain very good images with it, expandable and that allowed you to apply most of the microscopy techniques.

The image below shows the Aquiles II microscope with multiple extra options added.

Microscopio Aquiles II

Finally, I decided to use the money I was saving for a Skywatcher HEQ5 mount to acquire the microscope, so I ordered it and now I'm looking forward for it to arrive.

The version that I have acquired is simpler than the one in the photo. When the microscope arrives I will post an article in which I will show the microscope and all its parts.